Cruise Pricing - Bann River Cruises

Cruise Pricing

Use the Rate Calculator below to see the daily rate for a cruiser. The rate depends on which boat is chosen, the season and the number of nights selected.

The boats are:

  • Claudette (2 berth +2)
  • Genevieve (5 berth +2)
  • Vivienne (6 berth +2)

The seasons are:

  • Peak (June-July-August)
  • Off (March-April-May-September-October)

Rate Calculator:

Daily Rate = £0

Additional Costs:

Insurance Excess or Waiver.

You have 2 options for insurance on your cruise:

You can pay a refundable £800 insurance excess to cover any damage or loss.  This is a fully refundable amount if the boat is returned undamaged, to the correct marina on time and in a clean and fit state.


You can reduce the £800 excess to £150 by paying a one off, non refundable waiver of £109.